Simple accounting + Beautiful reports + Consistent UI + True Mac OS X integration


Accounting on your Mac

Double-entry book-keeping has been in wide-spread use since the 15th century. Rather than change it, we thought long and hard about how to best bring it to the Mac platform. The result is an application that has the look and feel of a true Mac OS X application. It is a first-class citizen among Mac apps, supporting unlimited undo, Spotlight, AppleScript and building on Core Data and a host of other Apple technologies.

You have the choice of entering transactions in the expected way, specifying debit or credit values for each account involves. Or, you can use our 'guides' for filing entries based on sales or purchases, including VAT. As long as you've given Debit + Credit some basic information on how VAT applies to the different accounts, the application can create these entries for you.

Debit + Credit comes with a beautiful set of standard reports:

  • The journal, simply a list of entries within a fiscal year.
  • The ledger, showing all activity on a chosen account for a given time period.
  • A balance report, showing assets and liabilities.
  • A profit / loss report, showing income and expenses for a given time period.

If your business needs to pay and reclaim VAT you can also use Debit + Credit to create a tally for your VAT reporting period. It can even create an entry for resetting all VAT accounts at the end of the reporting period.

Debit + Credit includes account charts for Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom. If your country is not on the list, you can enter accounts manually.

Please note that we offer only English-language support.